Dear karen I know we don’t see eye to eye. You have opinions about how I should be doing things. and they are righteous opinions. They sound good and just and right. It’s hard to argue with them. In fact, I don’t intend to. It’s that we both know that it’s unrealistic to always expect someone to be the picture of perfection, and we all need some space to vent every once in a while.

I’d really like it if we could be friends. I know some say you’re of a certain age group, but I have found that you exist among my peers, those one group ahead of me, and one and two beyond that. Sometimes I am you and I hear the same words come out of my own mouth. It tends to be with something I’m either not familiar with, think I am the expert on, or have done so long ago that I can’t clearly remember what it was or is truly like. What many of us who are on the receiving end of your words need is a break. We need somebody who gets us. Of course we have tried all the things when our littles ones don’t sleep. Of course we’ve heard about the rules you insist we’re breaking. We get the gist that you likely think we are failing. It doesn’t help us succeed but only makes us feel more alone. Karen, I get it. In your own way, you’re saying something better is possible, so help us out. If you know a way something can be done, get to work. get to it and get your hands dirty, because we have done all we can do. also, don’t nitpick up if you aren’t in it. Nobody likes a critic. I likely have different life goals than you and have chosen to prioritize some things over others that you might think are unthinkable. I don’t make my bed each morning. I also enjoy my sarcasm. I make no attempt to be chipper, and I don’t need 5 steps to my best life now. But I don’t dislike you. I think we could hang together if you’re ever in the mood, but I must warn you now that there are toddler drawings on the wall, my house is rarely quiet, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. But sincerely, you’re welcome to come over any time.




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