When You See An Overweight Person


People who are overweight are carrying so much more than extra pounds. They carry shame. Guilt. Embarrassment. Hurt. There is this sense of having failed in a very real sense,…

The Biggest Surprise of Motherhood



It's a destination you can reach via the portal of pregnancy, childbirth, and a load of pain. We can also arrive there through other means that are no less painful for all those involved.


Foster care.



Let There Be Light!



Depression sits like a cloak about us, obscuring the rays of sun that might come streaming through the window. We cannot see, and we are left to grope about, searching for the right direction. It saps us of our energy,…

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

In the wide world of Christianity, the topic of whether or not you can lose your salvation is controversial. There are those who believe that a person cannot know if they have been given eternal life, and there are others…

12 Signs You Are Saved


For many, asking God to forgive his or her sins is a one-time event, but because the transition from an unsaved person to a child of God is literally invisible, it is common for people to struggle with knowing if…

3 Words That Can Change Everything

What do fat-shaming, rape culture, and medical misdiagnoses have in common? 

The feedback given betwixt them is often shockingly similar. They can be subtle and can take a variety of different shapes and forms, but the meaning is loud and…

How Churches Burn Out Their Best and Brightest

There is often the misconception that those who are disassociated, distant, and weary of the church were flunkies or people who were never really that serious about God, but the opposite is often true: these are our best and brightest.

There Is No God-Shaped Hole


Christian speakers today fill their mouths with words expounding on the God-shaped hole residing somewhere in our gut that will be satiated once we find Jesus. It sounds nice, I suppose, but the trouble is that this God-shaped hole is…

Your Tribe is Not Who You Think


Your tribe.

It's all some people can talk about these days. How we need to find our tribes, get in there and stay, snuggled up amid the glow of happy friend-talk. If only it were that simple.  

I have…

God Helps Those Who Can't Help Themselves

We love to take credit for everything in America, and we also like to blame the less fortunate for their troubles. The truth is that everything we have comes from God. 

Our ability to believe in Him comes from Him.

Discrimination Distorts the Soul

I am, by nature, an eccentric person. I like to form sentences in my brain to reduce theological mole hills that have been made into mountains, I dislike schedules and structured meetings, and I like living alone out in the…

Dear Christians, Stop Mimimicking Gang Signs

Dear Christians,

As the wife of an 18-year veteran of corrections, I need to implore you to stop throwing pretend gang signs in your photos. 

Let me explain.

It has somehow become popular for people, even those who rightly consider…