Salvation Songs

by Joe and Rosa Hopkins

Released 2015
Released 2015
Modern, fresh and original, 'Salvation Songs' is just that: songs about salvation with clear biblical messages played in a Contemporary style.
'Salvation Songs' was a labor of love and a gift to us from God. Beginning with 'Call Unto Him', the album begins with a simple and clear call to the listener to not put off getting right with God. 'Turn Around' is about Rosa's salvation experience and 'We Must Go' is a rhythmically driven plea to go out and share the good news with others. Contemporary styled, this album features several genres of music, including alternative, grunge, sixties, folk and southern rock. It is overall, sincere and concise, drawing its themes from the pages of scripture. Track 13 is a gospel message which you can listen to in order to find out how you can be saved this very day. Salvation is really just a prayer away and you should not miss it for the world! You can see more about the music ministry of Joe and Rosa Hopkins at:


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