Give Me a Song to Sing

by Joe and Rosa Hopkins

Released 2014
Released 2014
Come awhile and listen to this fresh take on familiar Appalachian music, seventies country and pop-folk featuring mandolins, guitars, ukuleles and lyrics firmly rooted in Scripture and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Joe and Rosa Hopkins live in the foothills of West Virginia and love the country bluegrass sound. When the Lord began to bless them with songwriting, it was the desire of their heart to keep alive the the musical heritage of Appalachia, while also breathing fresh life into it. Their album begins with the upbeat 'Give Me A Song To Sing' on mandolin, guitar and bass which was based on the 100th Psalm. It is about praising and worshiping our God in the spirit of joy and thanksgiving. 'Come To Me' is a piano ballad based on the life struggles of being an unwanted child who then found comfort in the arms of Jesus Christ. 'Your Love Knows No Limits' is about the principle of eternal security and the fact that a believer is never separated from Jesus Christ. 'Well Of Living Waters' is based on John chapter 4. Throughout this album you will find scripture, biblical principles and a deep love of Jesus and a solid appreciation for His love and His grace. It is our hope that this album blesses you and helps you to enjoy the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. Track 11 is the gospel message and points the listener to the cross if they are not already saved.

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