Social media is a wonderful thing.


We're learning things about people that we never knew before, and we're able to discuss topics that previously were kept around the dining room table. In this brave new world, we are able to share blog posts and videos from those who supposedly espouse our world view.

And man are they hateful.

And insulting.

And petty.

And it isn't about what political party you vote for, it is about what Christianity is supposed to stand for. And brothers and sisters, I can tell you that it's not this.

Jesus doesn't benefit from this kind of representation.

This is tough love and perhaps a hard pill to swallow, but church, we need to make a change.

The broadcasters of angry media should not have a willing and participating fan base that is comprised of Christians. There shouldn't be a mob with pitch forks and torches ready to shame the 'liberals' and the 'snowflakes' and those who are in college and want safe spaces. If you draw the ire of the mouthy conservative media, you get nothing that resembles Jesus.

Absolutely nothing.

And this brings me to my next point. What if we loved those are different than us? What if instead of referring to them by some catchy insult, we pointed them to Jesus?

We're too busy telling them that they're wrong when we're not exactly following Jesus either.

So who's right?


If so, why and on what basis?

Because we're conservative?

The Pharisees were conservative. And they crucified Jesus.

We are the massive platform that the creators of angry content can depend upon to generate ratings and clicks and views and likes and shares. On any given day I can scroll down my news feed and see angry blogs and angry clips along with the comments of people who angry at the people who don't do what we want them to.

We seem angry at behaviors we can't control, but we aren't moved enough to spread the gospel.

We're predictable.

We like angry. 

We admire hateful people, and they build their careers off of us. 

We're so focused on the external that we've forgotten that this is only a manifestation of what we can't see, because it is on the inside. 

And it's what's on the inside that's more important, and only Jesus can change the heart. In our anger we've forgotten that we equally need a Savior as much as any 'snowflake' or 'liberal'. 

We're not winning them to our side. And to be honest, I'm not even sure what our side is. We're called to be different from the world. To be light and salt. Not vehemence and rage. 

Let us stand boldly for loving our neighbor, because we know that love never fails. Let's be sacrificial and willing to lay down our rights for those of another. Let's be willing to tell them the gospel, because we care about their souls. Let's forget our anger, lest we harden our own hearts. And let us judge not, lest we be judged ourselves. 

Let's not continue in this pattern.


Let's show them we can be different, let's show them that we are truly radical. Instead of being shocked and offended by the other side, what if we looked at them as Jesus does?

With compassion.


With a willingness to sit down and have the hard conversations. With a willingness to let them in. If Jesus could have supper at the house of Simon the Leper, could we put ourselves in that position?

What if we were known for our love and our kindness instead? They might want to hear more about this Jesus we proclaim to follow.

Could we reach out to those we consider unreachable?

Could we touch those we consider untouchable?

Could we approach those we consider unapproachable?

After all, that is what Jesus did for us. 

Stay Gutsy,


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