Depression sits like a cloak about us, obscuring the rays of sun that might come streaming through the window. We cannot see, and we are left to grope about, searching for the right direction. It saps us of our energy, stealing whatever strength that we have for its own purposes. 

Just taking a shower can require herculean strength. 

Jesus does not hurt the already hurting but offers them His nail-scarred hand. He understands our human frailties. I am offering the FREE gift of a 78-page beautifully-designed and thoughtfully-crafted 15-day devotion, tailored to those with depression. It is intended to prove a balm for the painful condition of despondency, and it is yours when you subscribe below. 

You'll also receive links to two studio-recorded and radio-released albums with scripture intertwined throughout the lyrics, a post about how Ruth didn't wait for her Boaz, and periodic posts from Gutsy Christianity. All you have to do is subscribe below, but I'll ask you for one favor. If you have a depressed friend, loved one, or neighbor, pass this post on to them, so they can be comforted as well. God bless. 


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August 17, 2019 @05:25 am
I just love the way you have been gifted by our Father to write so beautifully. I would love to receive any writings you offer...bless you 🙏
Dawn Dryjanski
June 25, 2019 @09:58 pm
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June 03, 2019 @07:49 am
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May 09, 2019 @06:51 am
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March 14, 2019 @06:11 pm
Thank you.
Patricia Crissman
February 09, 2019 @05:53 am
Thank you Rosa. You have helped me so much. You are such a kind wonderful inspiration and My sister in Christ forever!! Love Susie Carr
February 09, 2019 @01:44 am
Bless you for this. I needed to see your post this morning. Stay gutsy, girlfriend!
Aynne Daugherty

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