In 2013, God placed a strong impression upon my heart to go in a particular direction. I dreaming of things to come. Big things. God things. 

Also in my heart was a strong conviction that I was to tell no one of this plan. So I didn't. 

Day by day, I would work diligently toward this end, trusting God to open the doors that only He could open. No one knew. To this day, very, very few of my personal contacts and associates know of the amazing things that God did through me. I was to keep it a secret. And the truth is that I didn't understand why.

I just knew I was supposed to keep mum. 

When God gives you a dream or when He shows favor on your life, be prepared that not everybody is going to be happy. 

Some will feel threatened. Some will feel jealous. Others will respond with hatred. There are some people you would beware to ever be around alone. 

That was what happened to Joseph. God had given him a dream, two dreams in fact. He had a vision of future events, and his brothers hated him for it. 

They weren't happy, they weren't proud, and they weren't enthusiastic. They seethed with jealousy. 

Their family history was complex, as Jacob had had two wives and 13 children by a total of four women. Jacob had showed obvious favoritism to his son Joseph, and his older children resented it. 

Joseph's two dreams foretold a time when he would be in command of something and his entire family would bow down to him, and this vision was from God. 

Instead of dealing with their feelings in a productive way, Joseph's brothers let their anger turn into hatred. Jesus says that to hate your brother is be a murderer. 

While out together with their brother Joseph, the older brothers threw him in a pit before selling him to a band of traveling merchants, showing that it isn't always safe to share your dreams or accomplishments with others. 

Have you ever heard of Selena Quintanilla? She was a Tejano singer who was killed by a woman close to her who was completely eaten up with envy over the singer's looks, youth, talent, and popularity. 

Sometimes, there is the need to put distance between yourself and others who simply cannot be happy for you, because it absolutely can be dangerous. Envy is a bitter poison and should not be treated lightly. 

Not everybody needs to know everything about you. Not everybody needs to know the plans on your heart or the great things you are believing God for. Even our Savior was hated, because the Pharisees envied Him for the following He had and for the miracles that He did. 

In John 12:19, the Pharisees remarked that the whole world had gone after Him and the Bible states clearly that Pontius Pilate knew they had handed Jesus over due to envy. 

They were eventually willing to commit murder, because they were rotten with hatred toward our Savior. 

They showed their envy by continually arguing with him, not to understand better what He was saying, but to trap Him in His words. Their hostility was always seething just below the surface. This was evident, because in Luke 4:29, when He had finished speaking, the people were so incensed that they rushed to throw Him off of a cliff. 

This was no momentary burst of anger. It was there stewing like a cauldron that they had tended to with diligence. Beware of people like that. 

They may even say they are your friend. In Joseph's case, they were his relatives. Psalm 55:21 says, 'His talk is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords.' They may say nice things to you, but their heart is not with you. 

I did end up having some successes that others became aware of, and it wasn't pretty. It led to some serious disappointment, as I saw the extent to which somebody was willing to negate the things that God had done.

It hurt my heart, and the truth is that I never saw it coming. 

Envy is nothing new, and neither is hatred. You don't have to tell everybody your God-given dreams, and you don't need to let everybody in on the agenda. Some things can be kept private. And if it is public knowledge that God has lifted you to prominence, beware of those who seem displeased with your success. 

And if you sense emotions like anger or bitterness, be extremely careful. 

The Bible says to be harmless like a dove but also cautious like a serpent. It is important to use your discernment, and remember that sometimes haters gonna hate. It's up to you how close you let them stay to you.

Stay Gutsy,


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October 16, 2017 @02:24 pm
Wise words here! Thanks for sharing! It won't take long before each of us experiences the disappointment from sharing hopes with others. Such truth to keep some things between us and God.
Gretchen Fleming
October 16, 2017 @12:26 am
Hi Rosa, Sadly, there is much truth to everything you warn here. God gives us His discernment in many situations and it is best to not ignore it. It sure does hurt to be betrayed, doesn't it? But I am so thankful for a God who holds us up and sets us high upon His rock ♥ Thank you for sharing with us at #MomentsofHope! Blessings and smiles, Lori
Lori Schumaker

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